i. Player Registration
All players need to be registered to compete in Manly Warringah Basketball competitions. Annual fee based on players age. Includes insurance component.

ii. Team Court Fees
The Team Manager will receive two invoices per competition. Player's will be advised by their team manager their portion of court fees to be paid online.

iii. Team Entry Fees
To secure a team in the next competition, Managers are asked to submit their team entry and payment online. Please note that Manly Warringah Basketball conducts two competitions per year - Winter (term 2 and 3) and Summer (Term 4 and 1).

iv. Potter League Individual Entry
Individual Potter League Entry. MWBA will place you in a team.

v. Opal / Boomer League Individual Entry
Individual Opal / Boomer League League Entry. MWBA will place you in a team.
i. Skills Programs
MWBA offers a variety of skill programs, that run for the school term.

ii. Camps
MWBA offers a variety of camps, that run for the school term.

iii. Education Courses
Courses for Coaching, Referees, Scorebench and Statistics.
i. Representative Fees
Manly Warringah Basketball Representative Fees.

ii. Representative Events
Manly Warringah Basketball Representative Events.
i. Representative Events

Coming Soon

ii. Special Event

Coming Soon
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